The TWR-ELEV-2 is the accessory you have been waiting for your Tower system. The Tower system provides are large number of modules for prototyping but the form factor with a 4-slot elevator is quite large. It has often been asked if a smaller elevator was available. Short of using a band saw, there has not been a good solution. Wavenumber LLC provides the first and only solution with the TWR-ELEV-2! 

Product questions can be directed to plexus ^ wavenumber -> net

  • Each TWR-ELEV-2 works on both primary and secondary sides of a card.
  • All signals pass directly between the PCI-e slots
  • The connection for ELEV_POWER_SENSE is passed through unmodified.
  • LEDs on the +3.3v and +5v power lines
  • Tribal form factor styled after 2007 FTF “Black” T-Shirt design
  • Integrated feet

Action Shots!


One TWR-ELEV-2.   Make sure to get 2 for a full tower setup.  1 is useful for a quickstick.

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