Internet of Thing

These surely are interesting times we now live in.   Tiny chips,  mountains of software and large amounts of solder have led to and unbridled avarice of all things hacker.   Everything is now connected in some way.    Semiconductor fabs and software shops are falling over each other trying to define themselves in the "IoT" marketplace.  The shear velocity of "connected" buzzwords is frightful!

The world is moving at light speed and we collectively have forgotten that some may get left behind.    One large oversight has been Thing.    Everyone has been so busy attaching their things to the Internet, they forgot about that "Thing" has been left out.     After some heartfelt discussion with Gomez and Morticia ,  it was decided that Thing shall no longer be a second class citizen when it comes to the information superhighway.    It was time for the Internet of Thing.

Using a Freescale FRDM-K64F development board,  a box of random parts, lots of solder and some software hacking,   Thing is now Internet enabled:


Having a fusty attitude,  Thing was *not* ready for fully open heart surgery.     A more conservative approach called the  "Thing-Bridge" was taken.   The FRDM-K64F was combined with some discrete circuitry and an RN-XV WIFI module to send IR commands to thing through his native interface.  A simple software stack was implemented to give Thing full Internet control.  Thing insisted on taking things one step at a time.     Instead of websockets,  RESTful design patterns and such,   Thing insisted on a simple command-line interface over TCP.      The result was a blend of old world style and IoT flair.

You can get all the gory details about the Internet of "Thing" here: