The main project page is here:

You can also find the PCB designs on the CircuitMaker community:

The HIT projects were demo'd live at Maker Faire NYC 2014 and 2015.    We were in  "Zone 2" exhibit 39007.   

1.)  MonkeyJam.   A DIY Guitar Stompbox using the FRDM-K20D50.    See you how the "tubification" works in real time on a scope.   We will also have a live setup so you can hear the Kinetis scream!  Yes, ours goes to "11".

2.)  MonkeyListen.   An audio spectrum analyzer.   See what FFT Analysis looks like in a real embedded system.   See your voice "print" on a *real time* spectrogram.

3.) MonkeyDo.  DIY Automation and IoT.  Control stuff with your cell phone and the FRDM-K64F.

We would love to develop more projects, make more videos and stock the “shields” pre-assembled.     For this we need your help. A kickstarter effort will begin when weget some feedback on the direction. In the end we want to offer more than a board,  rather a complete embedded systems education experience focused on transitioning budding engineers to more complicated (and awesome!) systems. Feel free to solicit ideas, questions andcomments to:

Feel free to talk to a real human about HIT: (814) 574 9901.

Just ask for Eli