The main project page is here:

The HIT projects will be demo'd live at Maker Faire NYC 2014.    We will be in "Zone 2" exhibit 39007.   Just "Look for the Monkey"

The onsite demo's will be 

1.)  MonkeyJam.   A DIY Guitar Stompbox using the FRDM-K20D50.    See you how the "tubification" works in real time on a scope.   We will also have a live setup so you can hear the Kinetis scream!  Yes, ours goes to "11".

2.)  MonkeyListen.   An audio spectrum analyzer.   See what FFT Analysis looks like in a real embedded system.   See your voice "print" on a *real time* spectrogram.

3.) MonkeyDo.  DIY Automation and IoT.  Control stuff with your cell phone and the FRDM-K64F.

We would love to develop more projects, make more videos and stock the “shields” pre-assembled.     For this we need your help. A kickstarter effort will begin when we  get some feedback on the direction. In the end we want to offer more than a board,  rather a complete embedded systems education experience focused on transitioning budding engineers to more complicated (and awesome!) systems. Feel free to solicit ideas, questions and  comments to:

Feel free to talk to a real human about HIT: (814) 574 9901.

Just ask for Eli